Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hate and resentment

There have been times, when others have hurt me terribly, that I have fallen into the trap of feeling as though I HATED them and resented their actions and behaviours and the affect it had on me at the time. I have longed to seek vengeance and even gone as far as "plotting their down fall" and imagining the conversations I would have with them where I was cutting and witty and cruel. I am not pleased to say, that at times, I have actually taken these actions, not just imagined them.

I learnt from these actions (both theirs and mine) that vengence and violence can only beget more of the same. I learned that if we enter ANY interaction with ANY person (no mattrer what their perceived crimes) with hate, revenge or negativity in our hearts, thoughts and actions, that in return we get only more of the same.

So, even though it is often perceived as a weakness by people of this nature, I walk into every interaction with unconditional love in my heart and I focus and hold onto that no matter what. Under the most extreme circumstances, I have chanted this like a mantra, "This is a human being worthy of perfect, divine and unconditional love, as am I" over and over, sometimes I think more to convince myself this is the truth rather from true belief at the time. No matter though, the effect is the same. In return, I recieve the unconditional love as well, the situation doesn't seem as bad as it might have been. I am protected, and mostly left unharmed. 

The most insidious and sneaky aspect of the hate/revenge thought pattern is that it never truly works. You never (well I certainly never) are satisfied with the outcome and find yourself wishing that you had said just one more thing, or taken one more action so the other person was really punished. You find yourself looking for other situations in which your righteous anger can be unleashed...this makes me sad even to type it...this is the cycle of violence because make no mistake, even if your confrontations are "only political" or "only verbal" they are violent none-the-less. The main one who is hurt by these actions is the person who does them; wandering away from the true path we all chose to take which is to love unconditionally, live authentically and with integrity.

Remember who you are, recall the lessons we knew before we came here, the lessons we knew from the divine and LIVE them here on earth. These are not just words we mouth at each other for comfort. They are a way of being.

With love and light

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