Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Being human

A beautiful saying...."We do the best we can, we open our hearts and our minds and we learn to listen and to follow the path. We all make some mistakes, but our soul cannot be lost, for it never belonged to us in the first place. It belongs to the divine, to the living breathing energy that works to animate us all. So we make mistakes, but then, with the help of some good friends, we move on knowing we are loved."

We are human beings, while the choices we make are ours, and the mistakes we make are ours too, we can never really, truly be lost. Deep within us is the knowledge that we are all connected, that we can follow our path with the help of our divine team. That we can move forward without fear of failure; because no matter what, we make a significant difference to the world through being the person we are. We influence, we support, comfort and find compassion. We love and we are hurt. We have monumental success and spectacular "failures." 

Through all of this, we learn to love unconditionally, to set aside judgement, to be our divine and angelic selves, to communicate with out divine team and to be and believe we are perfect the way we are.

To be human...to be us...is an amazing and awesome journey that is stunning in its complexity and beautiful in its simplicity.

With love and light

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