Monday, 27 February 2012


One of the most beautiful things happened right in front of me on the weekend and I really want to share this moment with you.

I was at the park with my four year old and he was off racing around the equipment without a care in the world. Momentarily, my attention was diverted from him to a little boy (about 8 or 9 years old) standing really forlornly at the side watching another child play. My heart went out to him and I silently willed him love, joy and healing even though I was unaware of what had made him so sad. To my absolute delight and joy, not moments after I had noticed this little boy, so had another child playing close by. He came and stood next to the sad boy. He didn't say anything to him at first, he just stood by his side. He made a comment about how awesome the play equipment was, but the sad child did not respond at all. Next minute, several children came and were clustered around the sad boy. The offered words of comfort and offered all sorts of games and activities they would be willing to play in order to console this sad soul.

None of these other children appeared to actually know this sad boy...they were all strangers, so to speak. My own little one had also joined the group of well wishers and my heart sang to see my happy little soul spontaneously offer comfort to the one who was hurt.

Not for one moment did any of these children judge the sad boy, not once did they make fun of him or take away from him. They spontaneously gave of themselves; comfort, a shared understanding and an offer of games, laughter and happiness to replace the sadness no matter what the reason for it was (in fact, they didn't even ask why he was didn't matter, only the fact he was hurting mattered)

I asked myself in that moment, "How many adults would have acted the same in this situation?"

It is so important that we reach out to each other with pure love and compassion, without judgement and without any other agenda than to offer comfort. 

Once again, our children offer us learning and a path that is truly divine.

With love and light

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