Sunday, 26 February 2012

Free will

I used to wonder where the divine was/is at the times when I struggled the most. "If they existed," I would say to myself, "then why have they done nothing to help me now when I am in trouble and really vulnerable?" I am sure not one person on this planet has not at one time or another had this type of feeling, or doubt. I guess it is a natural part of being human.

I know I know why I "wasn't (overtly) helped"....I didn't ask!

Our divine team always respects our right to choose, our free will, a gift from the heavens. We have the right to choose to deal with our life journey on our own. We have the right to learn in any way we choose, walk in the direction we choose and to take the consequences and risks associated with all of our decisions on our own. Our divine team honour and respect our right to free will...

Today then, I just wanted to remind everyone that all we have to do is ask!

None of your team are going to "step on your toes" by jumping into a situation prematurely.

If you need help, guidance or just a reminder that they are there...all you have to do is ask.

With love and light

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