Saturday, 25 February 2012

The snowball effect

Sometimes, just occasionally, I get a little curious about the statistics relating to my blog's the math teacher in me *cringe* At this point, I pop on over to the administration page that shows how many people have accessed my page in a given time period. It also tells me from which country people logged on from and the posts that have been accessed daily. Obviously there is no personal information etc. It's what math teachers and statisticians love the most...pure, cold hard, numbers!

I have noticed a bit of a trend actually. People seem to really like reading about items in the healing tool kit, but not so much about manifesting your dreams.....hmmmmmm. So the math teacher gets pushed to the side before she starts making graphs and "stuff" *laugh* and the angel intuitive takes over; contemplating why it is that most people read more about healing than about reaching out for, and making their dreams a reality!

So here's what I came up with in my ponderous wondering...

I wonder if the concept of making a dream real is either 1) too scary or 2) seems unattainable or unrealistic or (hopefully not) 3) that most people feel undeserving of this...*sad face*

One and two are easy to address I think. The thought that a dream is unattainable, or that it cannot be attained by simply wishing it to be so and focusing your intention seems a bit "wishy washy" to some people. Because I attempt to keep these posts to a manageable bite for people to read, perhaps I have not explained thoroughly enough how the concept becomes a reality? In my attempt to be brief, have I missed the point?

Let me fix that now *smile*

It is all very well to say you can have anything you desire and create your own reality, however, the truth is, that is really scary for most people. So here's what I do...
Each day for me (especially at the beginning of my journey) I focused on something small like, "all I want for today is to be able to smile more." I thought about smiling all day, I sought out opportunities to smile...and at the end of the day, I said, "Thank you for helping me smile more today."
Each day is broken into moments...each of these moments is important in its own way, and each reaches back to the one before it, and forward to the one in front. I focus, even now, on how much each moment means and say thank you. 

I am grateful for short and sweet moments when things are not so rosy *grin* 

Each day, I focus on one more now, I'm smiling a lot more and also seeing the beauty in what I see; seeing what I have previously missed etc.

All of a sudden, before you realise it, a whole lot of these moments have come and gone, a whole lot of new, wonderful and amazing things are a part of your life that YOU have helped to create...the snowball gets bigger and bigger one moment at a time until all of a sudden an avalanche of positivity, and astounding manifestations are happening all at the same time and people start calling you lucky *smile*

Just one thing, one moment...that's all it is.

With love and light

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