Friday, 24 February 2012


One of the things I sometimes get a little tired of hearing from others is, "You're so lucky!" Wow! This seems like it is an innocuous type of thing to say, however, the usual translation is something along the lines of, "You have what you have due to luck and not through any effort on your part." While this in itself is a bit of a judgement on my part, it is sometimes a little frustrating when other people feel that there is anything particularly lucky or special about me.

The secret to my successes have nothing to do with luck I can tell you that for sure *laugh* In fact, I spent half of my life wondering what I may have done in my last life in order to have "deserved" the treatment and lack of luck I seemed to be having in this one...thank goodness I have made the changes required not to have to feel this way any more.

So, do you want the secret to my success? 

It's not that hard really, and there is nothing special about it.

My secret.....

I listen!

That's it, that's all there is to it. I listen to and follow all those little impulses and urgings I get all the time from my heart, from the universe, from the divine within me. I listen and I follow and that is all I do.

When you do this, then the path is laid out in front of you every step of the way. The mistakes are few and far between; the times when you have to turn another way or turn back on your life path, just get less and less.

Yes, you have to practise this skill and learn to listen to the difference between your ego and the sounds of your true heart...and yes, there are times when it is hard to hear and maybe the risks are fearful...but YES this is the whole secret!

Listen, trust and follow those little impulses you hear from your heart and your divine team, then every success you can dream up can be made reality.

With love and light

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