Friday, 13 April 2012

The art of doing nothing at all

One of the concepts which I have found the most difficult to grasp is the need to do absolutely nothing other than be patient!!!! This drives me crazy at times.

When we are still, when we stop trying to "do something" (in other words keep complete control over a situation and the people involved) then we are far better able to gain perspective, listen clearly to our hearts, avoid acting from ego and find trust and faith in our divine team.

As human beings, and through the human conditioning we receive from birth, I believe it is often our perspective that we need to be doing something to prove our worth and value, and to feel as though we have earned the rewards that are actually our birth right (such as love, forgiveness, happiness, joy).

In reality, this need to do things, and therefore to control the outcome, is often how we trip ourselves up.

When I am uncertain about direction and am a little bit sure my brain is interfering with my intuition and the real listening, I know I have to stop, and do nothing. On days where this is not possible ie when I am in the middle of teaching algebra to teenagers, I slow down and do the minimal that is required to pass through the moment and the day. Nurturing myself, husbanding my energy and taking time out to gain clarification and perspective has prevented me falling into the over-controlling trap quite a few times.

Taking the time out to reflect and to view things through clear and "unbusy" eyes is a great way to  fine tune your focus and place all things in their perspective.

You are NOT necessarily unproductive just because you are not "doing."

With love and light

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