Saturday, 14 April 2012

The BIGGEST and BEST secret of all time!

OK, so are you ready to hear the ONE secret to my success; to my transformation from a "victim" mentality and a person living in their ego, to someone who focuses on the positive and is living the life I choose rather than just letting "stuff" happen???

I'll pause for a minute while you go and get pen and paper, you're not going to want to miss this one *smile*

The key secret to my success is:

1. Accepting that I need to repeat skills and activities to make them permanent, over and over and over and over again sometimes. This means that I don't punish myself when I don't get it on the first try and need to do it again. This also means I can have patience with myself on the journey.


2. I start again if I feel I have "failed". I make no excuses, I take responsibility for my actions however, I will NEVER allow that one so called "failure" means I will never get it and I should quit now.

So, there it is, that is it!

I know sometimes, when you are reading these posts, you might come to the conclusion of, "Yeah right, it may be just that easy for you, but you know nothing about me." Or, alternatively, something along the lines of, "My situation is so much worse than anyone else's, that won't work for me." Do you know why I know these thoughts may be present occasionally? Well, it's because I have had those same thoughts myself when someone passed information and learning to me. What I learnt about myself in that moment? (as hard as it may have been to admit) I learnt that I was looking for excuses for my failure rather than reasons for continuing the journey.

There is no definitive time in which you need to have all of these skills, in fact, there are no particular skills you MUST have either. This journey is your journey and the only one who determines time frame is you. Be persistent, you are worth the energy it takes to move each step forward. If you "fail" (only a perception) the it just means that you start again tomorrow that's all.

With love and light
I just had to add this picture from Intuitive Coaching's Face Book page.

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