Sunday, 15 April 2012

Love (again)

This is not a topic I normally speak about in this context because it is so open to misinterpretation. A couple of times I have talked about love between people, and I wanted to share today some of the things I instinctively feel and have learnt and intuited along the way. It's only a 36 year old journey so far, so I am sure you will forgive me if my perception reflects this *smile*

I think that a lot of the mistakes I have made in terms of love in relation to a partner, is that I have often mistaken a duel purpose and a connection on a spiritual level for romantic love. I have also at times, thought of love as something I NEED as opposed to something I already have. 

Am I making any sense yet?

Love is something we are born with, something that we possess in abundance, something we radiate from the minute we are conceived and share in utero with our mothers. Love is a part of us always! It is so much a part of our make up, it is as integral a part of us as our DNA. 

As humans we feel we NEED to have "love" that we are lost and alone without a single other person to be "in love" with. This is our error I think.

I have been lonely, I have been afraid to "love" and rejected by those I love. However, I have learnt (and I am only speaking for myself here, this is such a personal topic I am sure there are many of you who will disagree) that when we embrace the love we have within us, when we are able to release the love energy from our very cells and wrap ourselves in it; then we really know love, and it doesn't matter if there is a significant other to share this with.

The brilliant part about this is, that in the ability to embrace and love ourselves, to touch the divine love that is naturally within us we have a greater capacity for love, compassion, joy and happiness. In so doing, in loving and accepting who we are, we actually reach out to others far better, we invite love into our lives in that romantic way, and we no longer "Need" love and to be loved. 

Being and feeling less (for want of a better word) "needy" it is then that we find a soul mate.

With love and light

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