Friday, 27 April 2012

Reaching past the moment

I know I have talked often about the fact/concept that all things are made up of moments, and that each moment in time passes us by quickly. This means that, when you are experiencing times that are not pleasant or seem negative, traumatic or ordinary in any way shape or form, them really all you have to do is to wait for the moment to pass and  then the next one and the next one because in the end, nothing last forever and it too will pass....

I thought I would share with you though, that I am fully aware that those moments, can seem REALLY long *wry smile* I wanted you to know, that I have learnt all of the things that I talk about in this blog, and according to the contract I signed (often I have wished for a bit of a cooling off period let me tell you) often, I learn them the hard way. So, this is why I write these posts and share my remembrances and learnings; it is the hope that I may be able to help in some small way to remind you of the things you already know and to open the door to those experiences yourself so that the learning may not have to be so hard.

I have been in all of these places, and these messages and lessons are what I chose to see and acknowledge from the experiences I guess. It is this thought that helps me to reach through those very ordinary and awful moments to find the next perfect and blissful moment, that and the fact that I am able to share these thoughts, moments and experiences with people I love and trust! YAY!

The human me knows and feels the agony of loneliness, of heartache, of rejection, pain and all of the things that can make a moment seem like it is intolerable. The human me chose a path at times that makes me shake my head in wonder and leaves me in a cold sweat for the places I found myself in because of those choices. I guess I am trying to express that I am fully aware that the world can offer situations that are not angelic and divine, that we can find ourselves in places where the thought of a loving and divine team protecting and guiding us always seems like a faery tale and not a reality. I know those places too.

What I choose to take away from those moments are what keeps me reaching through them to the next moment of beauty and bliss, for there have been those moments too...

* we DO have a divine team, each and everyone of us, of amazing and beautiful beings that love us unconditionally and all we need to do is ask them to help in whatever way we each feel comfortable doing.

* There is immeasurable power in unconditional love and forgiveness and it is we who are responsible for providing this to ourselves in abundance and sincerity.

* The moment WILL pass, because no matter how big, or how awful it seems at the time, nothing lasts forever.

These are the things that keep me reaching through the moment for the next one.

With love and light

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