Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sprinkling Faery Dust

I'm off tomorrow for another session of faery dust sprinkling!!!! YAY.

"So," I hear you ask, "what is faery dust sprinkling?"

The answer? Anything that lights up the room, makes someone feel nice, loved and happy, a random act of kindness of some sort.

Every second Sunday, I go out into the world *laugh* to sprinkle faery dust and meet people. I love this time once I am there and speaking to people.

I set up, display my books, cards, crystals and other magic stuff and then spend the entire morning talking to, smiling at, reading to, anyone who walks by me. (I am set up at a legitimate market, not just randomly on the street...just in case you were wondering *smile*) For me, this experience is NOT about selling things, that's just the excuse for being there; the purpose is to sprinkle faery dust. 

I have had the most extraordinary and wonderful conversations with little people and big people alike. I don my faery wings, take my note book and pens to sketch away when no one is there to talk to, and I smile away. At the same time though, I am focusing all of my thought on loving and healing energy. When anyone walks by, or comes in for a browse they are the recipient of this energy. This is a part of the light work I signed up for. I focus all of my intention on healing and loving. It is not necessary for me to DO anything else for these people walking by, just be there, be me, be focused, and an awful lot of smiling!

This light work is easy, try it out sometime. 

Walk into your work place with a cake you made for morning tea and say good morning and see what happens. Smile all day long at everyone you'll see, and see what happens. Focus on love and healing rather than judgement and see what happens.

It is not necessary to have tools and equipment and "stuff" to help others, although if that's what you like, go right ahead. All that is really required is for you to sprinkle a little faery dust on them.

With love and light

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