Monday, 30 April 2012

Go with your heart

Sometimes it is difficult, especially when it is someone you love, trust and value, to go against the advice you may be given on a particular situation and follow the impulses and lead of your heart.

I asked for the opinion of someone else today, someone I love very much who's opinion means a lot to me. I trust this person to be making decisions and offering advice with pure intent; no hidden agenda and with only what they feel is best for me. However, when I heard their advice instantly, my heart said, "No, this is not your way." There was nothing negative or wrong with the advice I was given, not one spark of it was in defiance of what I would do in other similar situations, however, this time, my heart spoke very strongly that this was not the way I was to go.

So what did I do? I followed the advice of my heart, in doing so, I remembered a very valuable lesson.

I remembered there is something to be wary of when you base your decisions on the advice of others, and there is also the same wariness when you place someone on a pedestal as "mentor, leader, guru" or any of these things.

The MOST important thing to remember is that this is YOUR journey, and while it is not only understandable but human to want the advice of others and to seek support from friends and loved ones, the bottom line is that no one can possibly know your heart and you as well as you do! 

the most gratifying part of this understanding is that I cannot make excuses when I listen to my heart (especially since when I do this, there is seldom need for excuses anyway). There is no one else to blame because I have made all of the decisions and choices. That's great, because when I can no longer blame others for the outcome, then I can move forward with the next step rather than getting stuck. I can be totally free to pursue my own way! 

No one knows me as I know myself, no one is as in tune with me as I am

With love and light

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