Tuesday, 1 May 2012

When judgement takes over

We all make judgements, snap decisions, instinct, moments in time where we condemn another for an action that we don't condone. This is a part of being human, and difficulties only arise from this when we do not take the next moment to ask ourselves about this judgement, it's validity and where it may have come from in order to better understand ourselves. 

In the moment where we let judgement run unchecked, and we forget to stop and look at the thought, action or situation through love rather than judgement is the moment when I feel we are the furthest from our divine selves.

I try to operate, make every decision and every action with pure intent to have love and forgiveness at it's core. However, I'm not always successful...I'm human.

I just wanted to take a moment today to point out the consequences of the moment where judgement takes over... in this moment, you give away the opportunity to love unconditionally, you give away a connection to another and the gift of compassion, empathy and sharing. When judgement takes over, you give away the gift of knowing another by walking in their shoes; a gift to you and the others involved.

To take it the next step, the repercussions of the moment where judgement takes over may be very far reaching. The moment when you make a snap decision to say something cutting, to use a tone of voice that is rude, to do anything which may harm another, not only means you give away the gifts you may have had for yourself; you also take something, a moment, from someone else.

We each walk our own path, we all have "battles" within our lives and things no other knows. Since you do not know this information about another, offer all you come into contact with the same unconditional love our divine team gives us. Offer love and understanding rather than judgement and condemnation.

With love and light

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