Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Matters of love and heart

There is so much "weird" stuff going on at the moment in my world. There are people who have been beautiful and amazing and gorgeous suddenly being awful to others and all sorts of "craziness" happening that I am sometimes looking around me and wondering "what is going ON?"

I settled back tonight to reflect on another day of "humanness" and really crazy "stuff" and thought to myself, "What actually matters?" I spent my reflection time thinking about all the love in my heart, all of the wonderful things I think and feel and am grateful for and all the amazing and beautiful little snippets that have wedged themselves between the weirdness, and I sighed in pure contentment.

What matters is the moments that were filled with love and heart today. While small little bits and pieces that went in and around the other "stuff", when I reflected upon my day, it was those snippets that actually mattered the most. When my department was recognised as special and valuable by the boss, when one of my precious students smiled, the moment where I shared some heart and understandings with one of my "naughty" students and they "got it", the moment where I just felt like singing and did it, the moment where I made someone laugh, or the moment where another reached out to comfort me. Really, really special.

This bought me back to remembering that only love is real, only things that are derived and fed by love have an impact and exist for longer than the moment in which they happened.

What really matters? Matters of love and the heart!

With love and light

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