Thursday, 3 May 2012

Being true to yourself

I have heard the term, "be true to yourself" quite a large number of times over the course of my journey. People have said it to me, I have read it and I have heard it whispered in the depth of my mind...but...what does this actually mean and how is it helpful on the days where we are struggling at times, to find even one reason to "bother" about it all?

The power of this statement is missed sometimes I think, because of how simply it is stated.

Being true to yourself can mean so many things and also means the absence of so many things as well. It is quite a complex concept so bare with me as I try to muddle my way through it *smile*

Before you can even think about being true to yourself, you have to know who that is. The first step in being true to yourself then is taking some time to get to know who that person is, to listen to the whispers of your heart, to set boundaries of ways you choose to and choose not to behave and be, to know every part of you inside and out without judgement (bam...there's the tough bit *laugh*) and love and accept who you are and choose to be. (There are earlier posts that go into this in a bit more detail if you want to scroll back and have a look for them for more information)

Basically, to be true to yourself you have to know the difference between the whisperings of your heart and divine self, and the whisperings of your brain and ego...the conditioned human self. At the very least, make a beginning on this understanding.

One thing I want to point out really strongly though, is that being true to yourself does NOT mean you are selfish! For some reason, this concept gets all mixed up with the idea of sacrifice of self being equal to "goodness". Occasionally it is helpful to define something, by saying what it is not. Being true to yourself and following your heart does not mean that you are a selfish person. In fact, quite often, listening to the calling of my heart leads me to completing acts of service to and for others, this does not make me anything other than true to the being I chose to be. It just is. 

Being true to yourself is acting, being and thinking in a way that does NOT contradict the person you make a choice to be, it's not selfish, it's respectful.

Being true to yourself means that you spend your time and choose your actions according to your heart not what others expectations of you may or may not be. Being true to yourself means consciously knowing who you are and never acting to contradict that (even when you perceive that to do so will benefit others). Being true to yourself means that you live a life that brings you joy and therefore helps your loving and divine self shine on the world. When you smile, you change the world around you, when you laugh, you bring others along for the ride and make a difference to them too.

Being true to yourself means NEVER lying to yourself about what you need, want, think, desire, will and won't accept, or anything else for that matter. If you wouldn't do "it" to others, then you won't do it to yourself either. It means living in love and from your heart...simple huh? *smile*

With love and light

P.S. This concept was inspired by an earth angel asking me to write to this topic. If you want to ask me my thoughts on a topic (remembering this is only my opinion and not set in concrete *laugh*) feel free to leave a comment, or pop on over to the Angel Wings and Faery Dust Face Book page and leave a message/comment there. xo

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