Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Who are you?

There have been plenty of moments when I haven't really known where to go, what to do, the direction I'm heading or what I want from life other than Hollywood fantasies. The only thing I knew for certain in these moments is that I felt helpless, hard done by, afraid, and saddened and totally and utterly alone.

These moments...really hard!

So what do I do if I seem to be being overtaken by one of these moments? Well, there are a lot of things that have helped me to pass these moments by and to learn to head them off at the pass rather than having to walk this path for very long. The main thing, the thing that has had the ability to pull these moments up short and to halt the progress has been to ask myself the question, "Who are you?" and REALLY listen for the answer.

A life review, looking at ALL of the aspects that make up me and truly getting to know myself and accept that self has been one of the main things that have helped me to not feel and perceive the world in such a negative way.

So the practical can you start a life review?

Each person is different, so I am just going to make some suggestions that have made this process easier for me and hopefully, they will work really well for you too.

Firstly I find a really quiet place where I am unlikely to be interrupted for at least half an hour; preferably for me, near running water. With me I take note paper and pen.

Closing my eyes or in some other way tuning out to the world, I ask myself the question, "Who were you?" and I start to let my mind just filter through my past, in no particular order and with no preferences or control over what will come next. If anything pops up that feels negative or fearful, I write them down on the paper. Slowly my mind will act to recall every infinitesimal moment where I felt embarrassed, afraid, humiliated, angry and all of those things. As each one pops up, it is relegated to the paper. When my brain has run out of things that make me squirm and feel uncomfortable, I take the paper I have written on and burn it with the words, "I release these moments and consign them to the wind."

This is amazingly healing and a nice little ceremony/ritual to help release those things that make you feel less than positive about you.

After releasing the past, I then ask myself the question, "Who am I in this moment?" Once again, I let my mind roam free only this time, I ask to focus on the beautiful things, the moments that have left me breathless in wonder, awe and laughter. If my brain tries to trick me, and tries to bring up anything that is not positive, I open my eyes, and then start again.

In this manner, I am retraining my brain to see the things that matter; I am basing my current reality on the things that make me laugh, give me joy and love and bring out the best in me...the divine in me.

Finally, I ask myself the question, "Who am I going to be?" Again my mind is allowed to range free...there are NO LIMITS in this exercise, my brain is NOT allowed to interrupt with thoughts such as, "Is that even possible?" "Yeah...and exactly HOW are you going to do that?" and other things like this. If it tries, I stop and start again. As each creative impulse and fantastic vision of the future emerges, I write it down. This paper is not burned, rather I keep them in a book that I look at when I feel the need for inspiration...that is where my posts all come from *smile*

I'm sure you have seen through all the little tricks I use here to lift me from feeling alone and sad and lost! I ask myself to let go of negativity, the past and all things that no longer serve my purpose. I focus my intention on things I am grateful for and the beauty around me. I give myself permission to be free and to imagine an amazing reality.

With practise, this gets easier and easier. I burn very little these days, and have notebook upon notebook of fabulously beautiful thoughts.

With love and light

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