Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The power in surrendering

The most powerful gift of understanding that I have received along my chosen path is the power of surrendering the need for control over everything (or even anything). I have learnt this lesson over and over again through various methods, and each time the lesson is presented, I have found it easier and easier.

The first time I came to this understanding was when I was 18. I was at the beach and am not a confident swimmer. There was a fair amount of large powerful waves on this day, but I decided I was going swimming anyway. I dove into the waves and mistimed my dive every time so that as the wave crashed down, it hit my heals and sent me spinning end over end rather than diving safely under. Repeatedly this happened and I was getting tired. I dove again with the same result only this time, I could not seem to get my feet under me and surface. I started to panic, I couldn't breathe, was already tired and was trying to fight the awesome power of the tide. All of a sudden, I stopped fighting, I couldn't tell you exactly why (although I can make a good guess *smile* thanks team), but an amazing sense of calm enveloped me. Thoughts filtered through my head and I completely, and without fear, surrendered to the power of the waves and the universe. I thought to myself, "I will surface if I stop fighting. Eventually the waves will wash me closer to shore and I will be able to stand up." Seconds later, I felt sand under my feet and I stood and walked out of the water. Other than the lesson about knowing my limitations in the surf *grin* the power of complete surrender has stayed with me and helped me pass through some really tough times.

Other instances have been far more traumatic in the learning, however, more powerful for that too. There have been times when I have unwittingly put myself in danger by not listening to that instinct that tells you NOT to walk down the dark pathway alone, or NOT to take the exit etc. In one of these times, I was not lucky, and as I ran for my life, thinking I was going to die at the hands of some stranger, I completely surrendered to the moment. This was a time when the thought of praying was not a regular part of my life, when I rejected any form of institutionalised religion. In that moment, terrified and alone, I did not pray; I surrendered everything about the situation. I hid and surrendered once again to the thought that I was about to die, and thought, "Running will not help me, I must be calm and centred, there is nothing I can do to change this situation, I accept what is about to happen." The person pursuing me ran passed me and I was safe.

You will notice from the last two examples that I did not "giving up" I hope? There is a BIG difference between surrendering to the power of the divine and releasing the need to control a situation, and the act of "giving in". Both times, I did not want to die, both times I was helped to live and to be safe by releasing the very human need to control what was happening and in surrendering to the thought that I had done what I could and that was enough.

There are more examples I could give you, however, these are the two most powerful. It was in the act of surrendering the need to control that I found my true power.

Now, rather than worry, stress and fight against, I consciously choose to surrender the need to be in control. I choose to allow the divine, the universe and my team to guide me and to offer solutions and situations that will be of benefit to me and to the situation I am facing. This is the true power we all possess. In surrender, we grow powerful, we can stay calm, we can see clearly and we can choose our direction without fear filled with the knowledge that we are guided and protected.

With love and light

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