Monday, 9 April 2012


Often on my journey I have used (and sometimes still do) tools to help me to move further on and maintain balance. Tools such as crystals, herbal teas, incense, candles and other things like this.

Rarely have I used guide books and the like to choose those things I needed at the time. I thought perhaps it was laziness or some form of deficit on my part that I just cannot make myself remember what the "meaning" or "proper use" of each of these things are. In actuality, not being bound by someone else's opinion about the "proper" use of different things, has actually left me free to use my instinct.

For each person there is an individualised set of rituals, items, prayers...whatever...that will work to help in making you feel better, move on, find balance or just be. Each path is unique to each person and there is definitely no right or wrong way to deal with anything spiritual. Most of the time now, I don't even use these things any more, in this part of my journey, I don't need "things" to help me, just the power of choice and thought combined with my team and following my instincts.

Whatever you need, whatever you feel in your heart and in your gut, you will never go wrong, never pick the wrong crystal, oil, incense, candle, book etc. when you let instinct guide you.

Feel free to look up the uses, or suggested purpose for these things if you wish, however, I suggest strongly that if you chose it, that is exactly the right tool for the job, especially if you let your heart and body decide rather than your brain, so if the "official description" does not match what you felt when you chose it, this doesn't matter, go with your choice anyway....undoubtedly you are right!

With love and light


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  2. Most certainly anonymous soul xo
    This blog is all about sharing and I certainly hope that you and your readers are able to take something away to make your journey a little smoother.

    Many blessings

  3. curious though as to how power tools and life purpose and growth are similar???