Sunday, 8 April 2012

Lay ALL your cards on the table

There comes a moment, sometimes many moments, where you have to stop and take a bit of  a life review. A moment where noting seems to make sense, a moment when your entire existence seems out of balance with everything in the world around you. A moment when you are afraid, uncertain, yet dare to have a dream in your heart, a yearning for what you "wish" could be.

When that moment comes, lay all your cards on the table, hold nothing back from yourself; look at what you have, what you desire and what the world around you can give...then reach out, move passed the fear and the worry and make that spark become a reality.


Hold NOTHING back. Devote your focus, your energy and your time into the pure joy of the path you would choose for yourself and your loved ones. The people around you benefit just as much (maybe even more at times) from you being you, from you taking that moment of fer and transforming it into a magnificent reality. Hunt down your dreams, tell all to your divine team, even if (especially if) you think your dream is "impossible" and that "reality" is you cannot always get what you want *blows a raspberry to that notion*

You actually can achieve all that you imagine, you just have to remember you don't have to "earn" it....just IMAGINE it.

With love and light

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