Saturday, 7 April 2012


One thing I have noticed lately is that my body is FAR more sensitive to things and to situations. Where previously, I might have had a slight headache from eating too many foods with preservatives, now, I get a head splitting migraine. Where before I may have felt a little edgy or uncomfortable in a place where there was a lot of negative energy, now I actually feel physically sick and really need to get out of the place.

This increase in my body's sensitivities and reactions has definitely coincided with my practise at listening to and being in tune with these sensitivities.

Our bodies are finely tuned mechanisms that have developed and evolved to know precisely what we need and when. our bodies are also perfectly in tune with our environment and therefore know what we need to avoid (a bit like the fight or flight instinctive responses we have developed to help in basic survival).

Today, i received a VERY clear message from my body.

Usually, I live in a small country town, I avoid places and situations where there is bound to be built up negativity and stress energy when I can, I grow and prepare a lot of my own food and arrange my home environment to reflect the resonance and energy I find the most harmonious.

At the moment though, I am visiting my son in a major city, surrounded constantly by the energy of others, eating foods I wouldn't normally eat, sitting in traffic, shopping in HUGE shopping malls and the like. I have been here for nearly a week now...phew...I guess the impact has been building. Today I escaped the house and the children to have a little quality shopping time by myself. I thought I was going to nourish my self a little, do the things I wanted to do with no one else to be concerned about. Off I went and started to aimlessly wander amongst the shops and the tens of thousands of other people who had the same idea. I ignored the pushing, shoving and elevated stress of the other shoppers for quite some time. After about an hour (and quite frankly I am amazed I lasted this long) I started to feel pain in my tummy...a pain I have learnt to interpret as a fear and anxiety pain. I stopped for a minute in my wanderings and ducked into an alternate therapies shop for a few deep breaths, some harmonious and peaceful music and the smell of incense. Immediately I felt better. I reentered the fray only to be struck a few minutes later with nausea and light headedness. Stubbornly I decided to ignore this and go in search of a nice cup of coffee and something to eat...I was NOT giving up my "alone time" and asked my team to shield me.  Shielded and refreshed , i once again moved back into the throng. Only a couple of minutes later, the same symptoms, only more severe visited me again. I heard Raphael in my ear whispering that I needed to go.

At this point, I just asked for the energy and strength to get to the car without loosing my nice coffee and cake all over the floor *blush* and this was granted. I slipped behind the wheel, deep breathing and focusing all my energy on a really strong shield, and drove away. The further away from the shops I got, the better I felt. Once I was home and was greeted with hugs from my light worker boys, all the pain, nausea and light headedness disappeared like they had never existed.

Note to self, my "alone time" needs to come at the beginning of the trip next time *laugh*

Our bodies are super sensitive and act to help protect us always. The more aware of this we become and the better we get (through practise) at recognising and listening to what our bodies are telling us, the better off we are. this is also a really good indicator that we are developing spiritually as well.
Embrace your body's sensitivities, and begin a journey to a more healthful existence on every level.

With love and light

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