Saturday, 7 April 2012

A suggested "How to"

I have written so many posts *laugh* it seems I never run out of things to say, YAY! I have forgotten and re learnt and remembered these things over and over as I write them. I see a title of a post and go, "Oh, what's that about?" and read it again as new even though I am the one who wrote it...or am I?

Most of the time, i get the direction from my divine team to sit down and start typing. I do this, type automatically what has come into my head. I then do a quick spell check, change the text to purple, then hit the "publish" link! Voila, post written.

One of the things I do myself when using this post as the tool I believe it can be, is to scroll through the names of the posts (down the right hand side of the page) and when a name jumps out at me, I click on it and read it again!

Through this message it is almost like I am reaching through time to tell myself what I need to know on a particular day or at a particular time.

So, a suggested "how to" of reading these posts is to do just as I do, read through the names and click on the ones that feel right to you. I also post a snippet of each post on my face book page as well, so it is really easy to have a glimpse at the snippet, and if it appeals to you and seems to resonate with your soul, click on the link and have a read, if not...give it a miss, dip in and take what you need, discard what you don't.

With love and light

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