Friday, 6 April 2012

Exponential curve of learning

Today was an amazing day...all days are amazing actually, but this one surpassed amazing into...ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! So, let me tell you why...

I am currently on "holidays" in a major city. For me (and I know travel does this to a lot of people) it actually means I am exposed to a lot of other people's energy, away from my home base and safe place, have the 'travel stress', feel some obligation to visit people or not, to be somewhere or not, to fit everything in to......blah...well, you know....I actually feel it is more of a holiday to stay at home most of the time, especially when I am travelling with a four year old.

Today, I woke the teenage light worker before 12 midday, I will wait for your gasp of surprise and shock *laugh* and managed to actually have him and the four year old, dressed, ready, fed and in the car by 9.30am (I know right...I am a worker of miracles) Then we headed off to visit an amazing, beautiful light worker friend of mine who also happens to write spectacular children's stories and colouring books. Being good Friday, we actually got stopped in traffic for quite some way. I was taking BIG deep, cleansing breaths *laugh* They weren't big enough. The gremlins were attacking from all sides, my blood pressure rose as I felt the travel stress of the people in cars around me as the impatiently pushed, and cursed. I felt the teenagers anger at being awake so early and his impatience and frustration at being in the car. The four year old started to act aggressively and be argumentative and meanwhile, I am breathing deeply, calming myself, sending out love energy...slowly, but surely my blood pressure rose higher and higher.

I sent out a thought, "Chamuel, please help us all to get where we are going safely, with patience and guidance, Michael help me cut these cords, Raphael help me stay calm, centred and free from stress, and for God's sake Gabrielle, help me with the four year old." I focused on breathing for a bit longer. The teenager went to down...the four year old started counting...phew, that made two....people started to feel more patient in the surrounding cars and there was less horn honking, illegal overtaking and cursing...phew...getting there. I then told the four year old to remove his gremlins. we discussed and new "Imagineering" technique we had learnt from my beautiful light worker friend, the "gremlinator" or "Gremlin transmuter" basically it works when you feed all those negative gremlin feelings into it and they transform into love energy to be released. My body sucked those gremlins in, helped them to change and then "spat" them back out again as love, the four year old did the same thing. We worked hard and just kept it up the whole way through the traffic. We said thank you for the traffic jam that allowed us the time we needed to finish the job before we got to my friend's house...YAY!

We then spent an indulgent, luxurious amazing time wandering around the garden of these beautiful people, talking, eating their home grown, love filled food and swapping energy, stories, learning and continuing to transmute those gremlins into love...yahooo!!!!!

These events, while awesome, were not the highlight...yes! There's more!

In the car on the way home I had the most engaging, awesome and fantastic conversation with my light worker teenager as he begins to consciously practise arts he has always done but not been aware of. We shared learning, understandings and wonderful energy as he joined the team! I tried not to jump up and down and do a magic faery dance, after all, I was driving *laugh* but I was so excited to watch his growth and experience the learning we both have enjoyed over the past few days.

With love and light

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  1. How cool. How cool. How cool. This is such an amazing time that we live in and I just LOVE the growth and the sharing and the all round big smiling moments. Yay. and thanks for sharing.xoxox