Sunday, 27 May 2012


There are times when I feel really alone in the world; these moments are not often (thankfully *smile*) and they are usually short lived, but still, it is pointless to pretend as though they don't exist. 

Sometimes it feels as though I haven't a friend in the world, I mean, I know lots of people and I live in a great little community, but it seems as though I don't actually have people whom I can just drop in on, or randomly ask for a hug *laugh*

There are moments where I think maybe there is no one in the world who understands (or wishes to) the way I see the world and the way I am.

This is NOT a post of self pity *smile* so bear with me while the point actually arrives!

During these infrequent moments, a few things become REALLY obvious to me.

Firstly, I come to understand the impact that kindness has on others. When I am involved in a moment like this one, the smallest thing, the simple courtesy, or the unexpected smile becomes magic! I come to understand that those random acts have immense meaning and I realise the function that I perform for all others around me.

Secondly, I realise and fully understand that most people are uncertain how to respond when someone they see and perceive as enthusiastic, happy, optimistic and as the "strong one" has as moment when they don't actually feel any of these things. It is really simple; all the things they would do for you if the situation was reversed *smile* The most important thing is listening.

Thirdly, I understand that these moments, where it seems like there is not another soul alive who cares or really "sees" who I am, is actually an opportunity for me to spend some quality time with myself, understanding the benefit of silence, not being able to "fill" the spaces with talk, activity or anything else, allows me to see clearly that some healing is required and what that might be.

Finally, and MOST importantly, I remember and renew my understanding of the fact that NEVER do I stand completely alone. When these moments come upon me, I feel my divine team of angelic beings all the more strongly. I "hear" more clearly, I "see", I "feel" and I know more than at any other time, that I am a loved and divine being who is completely and unconditionally supported in all that I do.

So when a moment of complete vulnerability and loneliness comes upon me, I cannot see this as a negative. It is a part of being human to feel this way sometimes; and during these moments, I remember so many valuable things.

What you think, how you feel, the moments that come and go...they are all a part of you, and therefore, they are the perfect way to be in the moment in which you feel them.

With love and light

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