Friday, 25 May 2012

Why wait? Why waste time?

There is one thing that sometimes (and by this I mean ALWAYS *smile) frustrates me. I get frustrated when people complain to me about not living their dream, about all the opportunities that have passed them by and about the fact that it is too late for them to live the life of their dreams!

Who says?

Of course this comes back to the principle that the thing you focus on the most, and give the most energy to, is most definitely what you will get more of; so by focusing all the time on what they have "missed out" on, all these people are doing is ensuring they will continue to "miss out" *sigh*

Don't waste your time dwelling on what you may have missed, or what you don't is a waste of your time as well as being the very thing that acts to hold you back.

It is NEVER too late ...don't wait any longer!

Listen to your heart, love, dance, sing and play as though you haven't a worry in the world, for in doing this, very soon you won't.

Trust and believe that the happiness that is your birth right is just there waiting for you to grab it!

With love and light

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