Monday, 7 May 2012

You cannot make a mistake

One of the most freeing parts of this journey and my current understandings is the concept that there is no such thing as a missed opportunity or a mistake. Any time I start to think I have "done something wrong" I play the "If it wasn't for..." game.

Let me play a round for you now and maybe you'll see what I mean.

If it wasn't for being treated like a number in the system by the massive institution I was working for, I wouldn't have taken a "mental health day" (sick day *smile*) to think, get my head together and regroup.

If it wasn't for taking the sick day, I wouldn't have taken a bus ride to the beach and seen the sign stating there was a mass recruiting drive at a major casino in my area.

If it wasn't for getting off the bus to take a closer look, taking a job interview right then and there and getting a job working in food service at the casino, I wouldn't have met the people I did.

If it wasn't for meeting those people, I wouldn't have met my partner.

If it wasn't for meeting my partner and realising I was no better off in hospitality than I was before, I wouldn't have fallen pregnant with my youngest son and gone back to teaching.

If I hadn't had my youngest son, gone back to teaching I would not have moved out west to a remote community to teach.

If it wasn't for my boss there being aggressive and a bully, I wouldn't have moved to my current location and along the way written a series of stories for children to teach them the same information I attempt to convey through these blog posts!

Cool game huh?

Some of the moments briefly touched upon in the game above, were REALLY painful and difficult in the moments they were happening. However, "If it wasn't for" each and every one of these moments happening in the exact order they did, I wouldn't be writing these posts and you wouldn't be reading them.

I made no mistakes, I walked the path I chose and I made a change in direction when the way I was going no longer served me. I gained opportunities even though I was unaware at times, the direction I was being asked to travel, nor the opportunities that would present themselves along the way.

Walk forward knowing that there are no mistakes and no lost opportunities.

With love and light

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