Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Often I wonder whether the way I might be feeling influences the day that I have, or whether it is the events of the day that influence my feelings in the moment. It is a bit of a chicken and an egg argument really.

The answer of course, is both!

There is only one of these things that I have any ability to control though, and that is the way I perceive and feel about each situation as it occurs.

I have many tricks to get me "out of a bad mood" or to lighten the moment for myself so that I can influence events around me a little more.

I can often be heard humming or singing (especially songs like "Every thing's all right" from Jesus Christ Super Star musical) on days that events don't seem to be going my way. By doing this, I am consciously influencing my mood and therefore the feeling of the day. I can't stay angry, frustrated or sad when I am singing, so I sing!

I also have what I term a "protective barrier." When moments seem particularly difficult to get through, I ask to be taken away from the moment. I get a bit "fluffy" I suppose would be a good way to describe it. I tune out to the world an events around me as much as possible, going into a semi-trance like state where I can move around, perform my daily duties and do the things I have set myself to do, yet not be actually engaged in anything or with anyone I come into contact with. This prevents the events that are transpiring, that I have no control over, to have the least amount of impact on me.

I also have been known to make jokes, find the hysterically funny moment about something, view events as entertainment (a movie...not happening to me), search for what is good, or just say the words "I am grateful for the gifts I am given" over and over again like a chant inside my head.

All of these things have one thing in common; they are acts that help me to choose NOT to be engaged in or a part of the events that, should I let them,  make me feel bad, angry, sad or any other negative emotion.

Events that happen to me, with me and around me are totally out of my ability to influence most times. Instead of railing against the injustice, trying to force others into change, or making the choice to participate in these actions and events, I choose to find a way to divert myself, remove myself and my feelings from the situation, and focus on choosing to be happy, grateful, forgiving, caring, compassionate and all of the things I choose to be rather than responding to those events and allowing them to affect me.

With love and light

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