Friday, 15 June 2012

Are you ready?

There is a palpable feel of change in the air and on the wind today. Sometimes I feel as though the whole world is walking backwards, sometimes it feels as though it is me. While I do not give up hope during these moments where nothing seems to be moving, it can be a difficult. Tonight, as I sit down to type out my daily message, I just feel that the change is happening. People ARE transitioning from the old energy, shedding their preconceptions and moving forward...*sigh*

Tonight I wanted to talk about power; our power to influence, our power to make choices, our power to weather the storm, our power to make a difference, our power to be who we want to be, in the manner we choose it to be.

Really, it is embracing the thought and the knowledge that we, I, me, you are a powerful divine being who has the energy and purpose to be brilliant that makes all the difference in and to the world.

We can CHOOSE, and in so doing, we can be great, do great things and have a great life. So simple, take back your power to choose, embrace the power that is you, and live from a place of love and light.

Sometimes, we don't know how strong and powerful we are until we are tested.

With love and light

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