Sunday, 3 June 2012

Breathe fire into your soul....

I have had moments where nothing seems to matter; not me, not my job, not my kids...nothing. I still go about my routine, I play with the kids, go to work and complete the jobs I have to do there, make dinner, clean laundry...all that stuff. But it doesn't seem to mean anything in that moment. That is not to say I don't care about anything, more like I am just drifting through in between place.

I have taken to interpreting these moments as "defrag" a computer term. When you defrag your computer, you are shutting down access to normal functioning (computer can't do anything else or process anything new) while all the "gaps" in the system are fixed. That's an oversimplification, but it fits *smile* 

So my brain, body, heart, soul kind of secrets itself away to a comfy hermit hole allowing my physical self to go on with what needs doing, but disallowing any emotional input until all the 'gaps' have been filled/fixed.

I don't become overly concerned with this state unless it continues for a really long time.

The thing that always brings me out of this state is an experience, a thought, an event or a person that has breathed the fire of passion back into my soul. You know the types of things I'm talking about don't you? Something that makes your blood sing and your soul resonate on a whole other level. Something that makes you want to dance and sing spontaneously, something that makes you want to rejoice, go out and take action, draw others in through your enthusiasm. Something that enlivens you so much, that you have no choice (except we know other wise *smile*) but to do it.

Finding these "things" is an essential part of nourishing and renewing your soul...and all you need do, is ask. Ask your divine team for an outcome that helps to breathe fire into your soul.

In a moment of defrag, fatigue, soul weariness, it only takes a moment to ask your divine team to lead you to really see what makes your blood sing with the passion of purpose.

Then...jump in with both feet and don't look back *laugh*

With love and light

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