Friday, 1 June 2012

A brilliant day...

Some days as a high school teacher can be really tough! You know, those days where the students are all cranky and behaving in less than exemplary manners; days where both staff and students are tired...these are days where I am not so keen to be in the yard *wry smile*

All schools, no matter how good, all classes and all teachers, no matter how good, will have these days...why? Because all the people involved are human!

So, recently we had one of "those days" where I work, but it was also a brilliant day. Confusing?

Here's why MY day was brilliant.

I believe quite strongly, that teenagers are really intuitive, this is born out to me on a regular basis. If you are talking about a teenager, they will turn towards you because they KNOW it is them you are discussing, and so many other examples. So, a little heart weary from recent events, tired and then finding myself in the midst of "one of those" days, I was really ready to pack it all in for the day and go home. Unfortunately, it was only lunch time *smile* Determined not to let my feeling affect the way I approached my classes, I walked to class breathing deeply, smiling at the students and answering their greetings as I passed them, focused on my breathing and letting a feeling of love seep from every pore.

I "survived" the day and went home. I sat there at home, in my vegetable garden, looking at my plants and running through the events of the day and I realised...I actually had an AMAZING day. My students were all gentle and kind with me, they sat with me and we created art together in a quiet and calm environment. We sat and completed maths work sheets with gentle and humorous conversations about the little bits of their lives they chose to share. Every class that day had been wonderful, almost like it was out of a faery tale....

When I really looked at the events of the day, it was the conversations of other staff and THEIR interactions that had outlined the events of the day to let me see it had been "one of those days" but NOT for me...for everyone else????? 

So through this experience i remembered two things. Firstly, to withdraw permission for the mood and conversations of others to create a sense of drama or any mood/feeling to MY day. Secondly, I was reminded again of the beauty and intuitiveness that is embodied in our children. Realising I was a little pensive and wrapped in my own thoughts, my students intuitively were their gentle selves rather than their rowdy and challenging selves...bless them for their caring.

With love and light

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