Thursday, 31 May 2012

Take care....

So lately, I have been confronted by some amazing behaviours from others. Rudeness, aggression, bullying, condescension...all sorts of interesting things *rueful grin* I am asking myself as each day brings more of this "stuff", "Is there a part of me that invites these people into my life and into my space in order that they can interact with me? If the answer is "yes" it's time for some angelic surgery (there are other posts on this) to remove any part of me that wants any part of that!"

So having done that, and having practised the art of smudging on the people, places and situations leading to these events (nice diplomatic way of saying it I think *smile*), I anticipated that there would be a great leavening of these incidents....hmmmm...didn't work. Back I went to my divine team to seek some answers, and a few angel wing hugs to heal the heart hurt too.

What I saw really clearly then was the "human trap" I had nearly walked into with each of these events. I greet these incidents with silence, attempting with all my heart to project love and suspend judgement and most definitely to NOT retaliate. Some days, I have earned a black belt in restraint for these ones. This is when I saw the trap. 

As I travel my path of love and light, my energy, the energy I put out into the world, is loving, kind and really nice to be around...this does not suit everyone. Some people desire drama, negativity, pessimism and angst for their life to be considered perfect. Naturally, they feel I would be better off where they are. This too is the human condition, we see most clearly what we know. 

The trap then, is that while the other person thinks there place, state and way of being is best, and we think our place, state and way of being are best, we are actually both right! (I was told I don't have to understand WHY someone would prefer to be in a place of drama, negativity, pessimism and angst for their life to be considered perfect, just that they consider it is...thankfully) 

So, when I look at all these incidents of rudeness and "horribleness" that I have beheld this week, the real victory comes not only from refusing to step into that space with them just because they invited me to, but also in acknowledging it is their choice and right to stay there themselves if they want to, and sending them love...and then moving on...quickly!

With love and light

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