Wednesday, 30 May 2012

When your heart is hurting

The more I walk the path I have chosen, the more sensitive I become in many ways. There are some things that make my heart ache, and I feel really sad when I think on these things. Cruelty, waste, rudeness, judgement, broken many things. I live though, in a world where these things occur, and while I may wish it otherwise, it's there all the same. Since I cannot control the actions of others; cannot make people see and feel that living from a place where only love is real is of benefit to them and the whole world; cannot make people be kind and courteous, I have to find ways to protect myself so that I do not fall into the trap of giving these actions more energy than they already have.

I am a BIG believer in nurturing my soul often; caring for the sensitive part of me by only exposing myself to the love and beauty of the world. I don't watch the news, I am careful about the T.V. I view, books I read, music I listen to, art I immerse myself in and ALL things that I expose my every sense to. I hide posts on my face book news feed that are constantly negative, derogatory, judgemental or fear short, I don't put anything in to my soul that I don't wish to grow and flourish.

When my heart is hurting, I throw myself into loving and giving activities. I cook, I grow things, I paint beautiful pictures, I create, I write, I fill up the hurt space with loving and creative things.

When my heart is hurting, I sit in the quiet and ask for the blessings of the divine team that guide and protect me.

When my heart is hurting, I seek out opportunities to laugh.

When my heart is hurting, I reach out to other, like minded souls and value the beauty they offer in return.

When my heart is hurting, I spend some time with myself, imagining the conversation I would have with someone else who's heart is hurting and I "tell" myself the same things I would tell them.

The one thing I work my level best NOT to do when my heart is hurting is to focus on that hurt and the "thing" that made it hurt...why put fuel on the fire?

Reach out in love when your heart is hurting and experience the goodness and love that is the basis of the large majority of people.

With love and light

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