Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Be the change you want to see....

You know we all have a universal purpose, a life purpose in common if you will...that is, to be loving and kind and the best us we know how to be. Really, that's what all things come down to. There is nothing more pleasing than to lay down to sleep at night knowing you have done the best you can with the situation and skills you have; that you have acted from love rather than ego.

It is a recurrent theme within these blog posts, that you cannot (and should not) attempt to control the actions of others. We are ALL blessed with the gift of free will. You can influence others only inasmuch as they will give you permission to do so (thankfully). If the only thing you project is love, then the only influence you will have on others is to promote the benefits of this stand point, and the true joy of it as well! 

There is nothing more confronting that being told what you "should" be doing. Instantly, this phrase has the ability to raise my hackles. "should" after all, is relative to each individual. It is not necessary for us to 'preach' or convert others to our way of seeing or thinking. However, we do have the amazing ability to lead from the front. If you believe strongly about a perfect way of being, acting and thinking, then by all means share this information with others in a loving and non-judgemental way; the truth is though, that actions speak far more loudly than words. Your main influence will be the example that you set...no words required!

You are a perfect and divine being, the only reason to consider changing ANYTHING about you, is your own desire to do so...you can extend this courtesy to others too *smile* Lead from the front. Be your example of loving living and joy, you will find very quickly that others will choose to join you in that love and joy, and while it may not be in exactly the same way as you perceive, you will have done an excellent job in being a guide for that moment in time.

With love and light

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