Friday, 8 June 2012

A great list...

After yesterday's post, I decided to go looking for all those little bits of paper and notes where I had written all of those pieces of information. I am amazed I can tell you *smile* Some really, really, really good words, and I just know they did not come from me. So, I thought I would share some of these finds, it seems to me they would make a really great list of things to remember...

  • View the world with star dust in your eyes
  • Love and trust yourself and your intuitive ability
  • All the troubles of the world come down to a question of faith
  • In living your most amazing dream, you contribute MASSIVE amounts of energy to the world
  • Kindred spirits, lightworkers, band together...we make a difference
  • Accept compliments as the beautiful gifts they are
  • Release the need for servitude and embrace loving and genuine service
  • Happiness does not have to be earned
  • Offence from others is merely a transaction that had to may find this leads you to a place you wish to be.
  • No matter how bad things get, people still get hungry
  • It's not my place to judge
  • Being a healer for the world begins with a focus on healing yourself
  • Live with love, and pure divine intentions and there are no mistakes.
There were/are so MANY more...phew...these are just some of my favourites. I think I just typed in the list that describes the way I see my world and do my best to live by *smile*

With love and light

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