Thursday, 7 June 2012

A precious and beautiful moment

I think I have described before how I write these posts. I sit down at the computer with no for thought or planning and I automatic write. So, as the words come into my head, I type them. In this way, it is not just my story that is coming through, but also the messages which in some small way, may benefit all of those who read them.

No doubt, you have come across messages and stories here where you might have though, "Oh, well, not so partial to that one" or something like that, and this is actually perfect. What that means is, that the particular story or message was not for you! Cool..

Automatic writing was the very first way I came to know and understand the path I am on, and the divine beings who guide me through. I would sit down with pen and paper and just start writing with absolutely no thought to grammar, punctuation, spelling or any of those "proper" things, and then I would either read parts of it later that may jump out at me as I scan, or, burn it all without reading and thus rid myself and my energy of whatever toxins poured out on the page. 

During the day, as I go about the "ordinary" things I do, I often get little messages that I know are destined to end up here on this blog. As I hear them, I write them down in a little book I keep handy. However, there are these precious little messages written in my diary, on bits of paper on the fridge, on the note pad by the phone, on my planning and all sorts of places. Wherever I am, I just write it down, forget about it and move on.

Usually when I need to hear or see this message, I will "find" one of these sentences written down somewhere, perhaps even something I use a great deal like my diary, but have never "seen" before, don't remember writing, and cannot recall what the intent or thought was behind it at the time, or even what I was doing.

I found one such message read: "the miracle of life is that whether it is good, bad or a bit of both, the very miracle of drawing breath each moment, is a wonder to behold."

*I'll pause here for you to go..."WOW!" * smile..that's what I did.

This message is written in my last year's diary for October 25th. I had no reason to be looking in my old diary, and definitely no thought behind the action to pick it up, and go to the 25th October, yet I did, and this was the very special and amazing gift given to me by my divine team, written in my own hand *smile* "WOW!"

Other than the clear and obvious message to celebrate and cherish all of our experiences, this "find" also served to remind me that there is no such thing as coincidence, there is an amazing synchronisity at work in the universe, and all we have to do is listen with our hearts and intuition.... "WOW"

With love and light

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