Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What is your motivation...

If I had to come up with only one reason why people (me included *smile*) have not yet reached the goals and dreams they aspire to, it would be that they do not have sufficient motivation.

If you are wondering then, why you seem to be "doing all the right things" and working steadily, step by step towards your goal, and yet...nothing seems to be happening, it might be a really valuable exercise to stop and check your motivation.

Many things motivate us...the majority of people either move towards an experience they feel is pleasurable, or they move away from something that is painful. While this is really true, it is a bit of an over simplification of most of our situations.

For example, keeping on in a job that is not good for you, makes you miserable, doesn't inspire you all for the pay cheque could seem to be simply avoiding the 'painful' situation of not having any money. In reality though, it could be fear of breaking all ties, discomfort at having to find alternative employment, a lack of faith in yourself and your divine team, fear of taking a risk and all those other things that may or may not go along with this situation. So...not so simple!

However, one thing I know is that with the right motivation, ANYTHING is actually possible. 

We've all heard the stories of people lifting cars off another person to save their life, the man who cuts off his own leg that is trapped under a landslide in order to crawl to safety, the person trapped underground for three weeks who survives. What do they all have in common? Sufficient motivation to take action!

A key step in creating success is knowing (and keeping clear in your mind) what your motivation is for working towards a particular goal. It is when the motivation becomes cloudy or hazy, and our focus slips, that we start to see road blocks.

With love and light

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