Friday, 29 June 2012

If nothing changes

Have you ever heard that saying, "If nothing changes...then nothing changes." ? Another way I have heard the same thing said is, "If you always do what you've always done, then you will always get what you have always got." It all amounts to the same thing comes back to the fact that we have a choice about everything, and if we keep making the same choices, and never take a chance on making a different one, then the outcomes will be the same.

I have made many, many, many different choices in the last few years. I have taken a different road every time, I have jumped in with both feet, I have decided to choose forgiveness over bitterness and many things that I have chosen "differently' for in the last few years, and yet, I find today that there are some actions that I keep repeating.

For me, this has highlighted that while I have made the changes in small gradual steps in order to change my life and still be within a certain measure of comfort, there comes a time (which for me is now *smile) where for MAJOR difference, a MAJOR change in choices is required. 

Time for a life review

So I am looking today at all the things I love and cherish and all of the things that I am not all that fond of in my current life, and how I would see that changed to better suit my current needs. I have looked at all aspects with honesty and purity and set my intentions for a future I am constantly manifesting, but which has not yet come to fruition (well not fast enough for my liking anyway *wry grin*)

All this is well and good for the moment I am sitting in my sacred space, surrounded by pure love energy, not impacted upon by any other being except in a positive and loving way...but very soon, I will make the choice to leave this space, and once again enter a reality where other's are involved...what then?

So here;s how I am deciding to deal with that...

I have asked my team to back me up, reinforce my words and give me a REALLY STRONG (because I can be a bit stubborn) impulse to follow the new path I have chosen, rather than following in the deeply grooved path of habit. I have written little signs to go in key places that remind me of the choice I have made and my intention to do what is right for me within this new choice. Finally, I have told all of my trusted friends of my new choice and willingly given them permission to call me up and check on my progress, as well as give me a firm, human nudge (*giggle*) if I falter in my resolve or find myself loosing focus on my intentions. I have also told my brain to "stay out of it" since it's a bit lazy and would rather continuing to do what it has always done.

Love yourself, choose your path, set your intentions, call for back up from the divine, the stride forward with your head high!

With love and light

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