Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I heard a saying today, and of all places it came from a children's movie I was watching with my 4 year old light worker. It said, "Destiny is not the path that is given/laid down for you. Destiny is the path you choose for yourself."

This has been circling around and around inside my head all day off and on. I have thought about it a little, and I have come to the conclusion that this is actually the case. Think about it a moment. We are all gifted with free will, the ability to choose our actions, our path our way of being. If all things were predetermined; if we had a set path/road to travel, why would we require free will?

I think, before we arrive here, we make a decision about the things we will achieve, our life's purpose if you will, however (and this is the key part) we get to choose how we get there. Often when I am teaching higher level maths, I will explain 3-4 ways to get to a solution to any particular problem. My students have quite often complained that it would be easier if I just gave them one option of working out the solution, and perhaps it would be. What they are yet to come to understand though, is that I am not teaching them how to solve a single type of maths problem, what they are actually gaining are the skills of logical progression, problem solving, higher order thinking and trust and faith in their own ability to find a solution. They do not understand the value of these skills yet since they have had limited opportunities to use them in a real world context, imagine though if I offered them only one solution and one outcome for each type of problem? Their ability would be extremely narrow even if they were always successful in answering this ONE type of problem.

So the gift we are given, along with our free will, is the ability to learn multiple pathways to the same outcome, with MANY variables and different approaches to coming to the same conclusion. This is a marvelous opportunity for growth and understanding.

So while we may have a life's purpose, a reason, a passion and a goal to which we are working, we can get there in any way we choose! Yahoo.....the pressure is off, surprise and anticipation are paramount and there is no trap in feeling like we have no choice as to the direction our life is taking...a great escape.

Letting go of the idea that our lives are predetermined whether because of divine influence or our circumstances actually frees us to find other, more workable solutions to the "problems" life seems to throw at us occasionally.

With love and light

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