Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Faith and trust and belief

It has occured to me through recent times and times before that the time we feel that we are walking alone, and the times we feel as though we have no divine team and that there is nothing there in the way of spiritual assistance and divine intervention are the times when our situation seems the toughest. I have felt myself feeling and saying, "So, where are you now? Where are you when I need you the most? What do I do?" I hear silence sometimes.

It occurs to me also, that it is really easy to have faith and trust, it is easy to show strength and purpose when everything is going right in your/my world. Not so easy, (or so it would seem) when things are not.

While  I shout my "challenge" to the universe, and I pretend to hear no reply; in actual fact I know that my team is there. I hear a whisper in my mind reminding me that I have just got to let go, have strength and trust and a bit of faith and I will be able to hear again.  It is easy to get so involved on the human plane that I forget to listen, I forget to ask, I forget to connect with the divine and my team and cannot see past my own nose. It is then that I feel let down and rail at the universe. When I stop and breathe, I can hear my team beside me, where they are always, and I remember that all I have to do is ask, to connect with the divine within me and to once again release all the human fears and concerns and comfort and guidance are clear and loud.

Our team NEVER leaves our side, our team NEVER abandons us, we sometimes forget how to listen. Remembering to love, to listen, to learn and to be comforted especially when things seem hard, is THE single most valuable skill I have "remembered" on my journey.

I forget, I cry out at the injustice I see around me, I am hurt and heart wounded, in these moments I find my true strength...surrender, forgiveness, love and the ability to ask, with humility, to be delivered by my team when the easiest course would be to give in, give up and refuse to acknowledge that the divine exists at all or lay blame at their feet.

With love and light

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