Saturday, 23 June 2012

Recognise your value

There is a great  danger inherent in attributing your sense of self, your confidence and your value based on the opinion of others, whether they be people who love and cherish you, or people who are less than friendly, or even people you don't know.

Just by being the person you are, with all the things that make up you, you are contributing something valuable to the world. Every breath you take, and every time your heart beats, your love energy contributes to the whole.

You are a valuable person this planet, and  it's people and all that is in it, needs you and the gifts you have to offer. It is not necessary to be anyone else, who you are is more than enough, it is perfect. 
You may never know the people you positively influence, you may never truly realise the small but invaluable gifts you give others, you may even be surprised at how many celebrate the fact you are  a part of their lives.

Just remember that you are loved, that the only opinion that counts is your own. Keep faith and believe in your ability to be the perfect you...this is all that is required.

Let go of the need to be anyone other than who you are.

With love and light

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