Thursday, 21 June 2012

A plea for kindness

Today I am feeling a little heart weary. I feel as though, of this great BIG world, with so MANY opportunities to practise caring and forgiveness, that so many choose arrogance, meanness and nastiness instead.

I know that the people who read my posts, are soulful and divine beings (in fact we are all divine beings *sad smile*) who, like I, do their very best each day to be their divine selves and live in love. Otherwise, why would you read these posts? This gives me a great deal of comfort, so for that you all have my genuine thanks.

Each day, as I step out of my sacred and safe place (my home) and walk out into the world, I surround myself with an impermeable shield of love and joy. Lately, that shield is copping a bit of a beating.

I am finding, that when people are offered the choice between an action that will promote joy and one which will cause hurt and pain, far too often, they are choosing to give pain. My heart is hurting today because I bear witness to so many opportunities for love and forgiveness passing by unnoticed. 

Today I offer a plea to all, be kind; when the moment comes where you are offered a choice on joy and pain, CHOOSE the action of giving joy. Walk the walk.

With love and light pouring forth into a hurting world

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