Wednesday, 20 June 2012

So, what's next?

When you ask the question, "What do I do next in trying to achieve or follow my life's purpose?" You will ALWAYS receive and answer. The oft times frustrating part of that is that you get each step one at a time. For someone of my "somewhat" controlling nature and personality, this can really drive me NUTS! *laugh*  Never the less, by following that inner guidance, gently nudging me one way or another, using my intuition and heart rather than believing anything my head tells me, I always find myself further along the path than I started and feeling mighty pleased by how easy it was to get here.

As each step is completed, another appears at my feet. I step onto each one with complete faith and confidence that, when I reach my foot out for the next one, it will be there.

The best thing about that is that when I first began my journey of actually LISTENING and following the guidance of the divine and my heart, I wanted desperately to have a safety net. I would cling desperately to one step until I KNEW for sure there was something to step on to. Occasionally I would go back a step just to feel more comfortable, or I would attach a "life line" and take only half a step. Each time I moved forward though, and found there was always a next step, I grew in confidence; I knew I was not just "making this stuff up" and now? Well now I take a running leap, spread my arms wide and hurl myself off the edge singing the whole time *smile*

This is not to say I always get the direction right, however, the other really important part of this process that I have learnt (and usually the hard way) is that if/when I get it wrong, I get wrapped up in gentle, loving wings and lowered to the ground.

You will definitely know if the messages you are getting are from the divine because they are always positive, uplifting and repetitive in nature (got to love angel pester power *laugh*)

With love and light

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