Monday, 18 June 2012


I am often in wonder of all the amazing synchronisities there are when I actually started listening to my divine team *huge smile* This is one of the primary signs or messages I receive from my team. 

Basically, there are no such things as coincidences, especially when those "coincidences" seem to happen repeatedly over a period of time.

Usually, something like this begins with an impulse or a feeling. For example, I might "feel" like there is some times I need to complete for the day, when I wake up, I feel a sense of urgency or a spot that seems to need filling. Initially, I may ignore this impulse or half remembered dream. Later, I get in the car and the first line I hear may be a song about writing, creativity and following your heart. This may give me a little jolt, but I have been known to just ignore these ones too *wry grin* As I get to work, I check my emails and one of the spam emails is about a short story writing competition (this may not seem strange except they usually target teachers for these things, I'm teach Math, Art and Science as subjects, not English). I move along with my day, and overhear a snatch of conversation about storytellers. I pick up my little one from childcare, and the carer tells me all about how my little one is such a great storyteller, and refers to the fact that I write stories. Something is definitely pushing at the boundary between conscious and subconscious now *smile* We turn on sesame Street when we get home and what do you know, there's a talking book! I jump on face book and there are several statuses about writing and creativity and seeking the signs from the divine...throwing my hands in the air, I say, "OK, OK, I get it" Sitting down to the computer, an entire story flows from my finger tips, a blog post I don't even recall writing, or know I've done until I hit publish, and a few emails typed and sent!


When you are following your true life purpose, the entire universe will align to make everything happen. All you have to do is listen

With love and light

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