Sunday, 10 June 2012

Let your inner child out to play...

I have spent the most magic day! I painted with my littlest son while we laughed, sung songs, raced around the yard chasing Nylarks (gremlins from the power ranger), using our special white healing light sword to turn them into pure love beings, pillow fights, cooking, gardening ("no baby, that one is a veggie, not a weed", "yeah but it's a yucky one Mumma" *sigh), discussing the realities and wonders of the world....his version is AWESOME... and all sorts of shenanigans. We had so much fun, it was great to be a kid again and not the responsible adult! We even made mud pies...I stopped short of actually eating one *grin*

I have just now gotten off the phone to my big boy after an hour and a half of laughter as well. No discussion about how his assessment is going, how work is or any of those things, just side splitting and hysterical one liners from both sides.

I feel rejuvenated and energised! I feel like 10 years just disappeared from my face and that I could do and imagine anything!

What a blessing it is to be able to step "back", or maybe sideways for a moment and become the child within. That much laughter is totally therapeutic and beneficial in so many ways.

It is really important, and so totally healing, for each of us to take a moment or two to have fun and even be silly. So maybe chasing Nylarks is not for you, perhaps finger painting makes you feel a bit queasy, but there has to be something you loved doing as a child that would make you laugh and sing and run with complete abandon. There is something divinely beautiful in this kind of surrender.

With love and light

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