Sunday, 22 July 2012

But a moment...

I woke up this morning with this information in my head; it's comfort was amazing and instantly (well, not before my first cup of coffee sorry *smile*) I sat down here at the computer to share it.

Putting into words a message given through sleep can be a little tricky, so bear with me while I sort it out *laugh* I could use some help today please Gabriele.

Everything comes down to a moment, a single moment. All you have to do is see the moments for what they are; that is fleeting and ephemeral things that lack any form of permanence. A moment passes by really quickly, and so while the next moment may be the same as the one before it for a while, it passes just as quickly, the moments keep passing until suddenly, the next moment that comes along is totally different from the one before it, it may feel lighter, more buoyant, and the next moment is lighter still and has love in it, then the next and the next and the next....

Because the moments pass so quickly, it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint the exact moment in which a period of darkness, fear and difficulty turns into one of hope, joy and love; the point is though, that it WILL!

Getting through those "difficult" and trying moments can be made really easy (relatively speaking of course) by putting into place some strategies to distract yourself from the moment passing. Here are some of the things I use to ease the passing of a particularly difficult, hurtful or fearful moment:

  • Flood your senses with positivity through books, movies, posters, Internet (whatever is your choice already). The LAST thing you want to do when one of those moments is passing is to add to it by watching the death and destruction on the news, by reading sad stories about tragedy or watching a horror movie. Respect the emotions that the moment is producing within you, after all they are a part of you, but don't add to it if you can avoid it.

  • Create an opportunity for something to look forward to...plan to cook your favourite meal, organise an activity that makes your heart sing most of the time (even if your heart doesn't feel like singing in the moment) For me this is art, painting, sewing, drawing making, creating etc.

  • Spend time in nature, wandering around a botanical gardens or park, sitting in your own veggie patch talking to the strawberry flowers, sit under a big, old, wise tree.

  • Treat yourself...whatever form that takes for you!

  • Don't hold the emotions in and block them away somewhere, you'll only have to deal with them later after they've had time to fester a little. Talk to a sympathetic friend, cry if you feel you need to cry, rage, stamp, scream and let all of that stuff you do this envision your divine team around you taking all of the "yucky feeling" stuff away (Because that's what they will do once you give them this permission.
There are billions of different ways to distract yourself from a difficult moment, find a few that suit you, your personality and your needs and use them. The last thing you want to be doing during one of "THOSE moments" is to be dwelling on it, remember this signals to the universe that you want MORE of these moments. You are not alone in dealing with the moment; while all of our stories are different, and each of our moments is unique in hoe we experience them, the fact is we all have them, and we all  have a team of divine beings to help those moments to pass more swiftly, ask them to help.

With love and light

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