Sunday, 22 July 2012

To heal

Let energy flow forth from you, erasing all barriers and breaking down all fears so that all that is left is love. Send the love   forth, let is scrub away all the built up areas of anger inside you, let it cleanse and clear and heal.

Trust your own healing ability, release the anger that is in you, let it ALL go and feel the barriers and the fear drop away from you.

Don't feel like you are being punished, the divine does not punish, humans do.

Stand strong, lift your head and stride forward with pride for you cannot fail.

Have faith that we stand beside you and ask for our help, we cannot help through violating your right and ability to choose, you have to ask and give us permission.

See the future as the bright and shining light that it is, there is nothing to fear, your fear is not real.

Hold on to love, move forward KNOWING that love is all that is real and let that energy pulse through you bringing new life and vitality.

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