Monday, 23 July 2012

True divinity

Each of us is divine, each of us connected to the exact same source, and yet, we are all so very different in human terms.

There will be times when another person disagrees with you, takes exception to the choices you've made or the actions you take. I know myself this happens often *smile* I find myself feeling angry, betrayed and wondering why it seems so hard for other people to see my point of view *wry grin* after all, I just want to be, think, feel and act love....not hard. (You can see the judgement in this can't you?)

Disagreeing with someone is not a sign that they or you are wrong, it is a sign of the right to choose that we are all born with. Each of us has the right to choose our own path, to connect with the divine in our own way (or to not connect as the case may be). We are all given the gift of free will, and exercising it makes us human and unique.

True divinity within us then, comes NOT from looking at the differences and making comparisons, it comes from learning to see the light within others no matter what.

With love and light

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