Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Twists and turns

Sometimes, as I walk along the path that I chose and live the life I choose, there comes a time when there is a turn in the road, or maybe even a fork. Often I cannot see the road ahead of me and while I may wish I was "driving" in the open stretches of Western Queensland again where the road is straight for hundred's of kilometres...this is the path I chose *smile*

Sometimes, as I walk along a particular stretch, as I trudge through the moments and keep moving forward, trusting my team and my intuition and praying for the next sign post, the next marker that will lead to the next step in sunlight rather than shade, I wish I could see around the bend. I hope for the burst of light as I walk from the shade into the dark, and I just keep going, one step in front of the other.

Walking this part of the path, there are times when I stop to remember the sunny patches that I have walked through previously, and sometimes, I am tempted to turn back to one of those places and stay there. I know though, that there is another sunny patch coming up, a place where a meadow of sweet wild flowers and a big old tree wait for me. A place where a small spring bubbles and laughs its way, where there are plenty of birds singing and butterflies swarm over strawberry patches. If I turn back, if I give in to the temptation to just stop in a lovely resting place I saw a way back, then I will never get to the meadow.

So I keep walking......

I keep believing....

I keep looking for sign posts and expecting the other travellers and lessons that come along the road...

...and I know...eventually the road has to turn

With love and light


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