Wednesday, 25 July 2012

What's wonderful about the universe

Do you know what the MOST amazing thing is about the law of attraction and the universe and the way all we think can come true?

Well, it is simply that the universe, the divine, does not distinguish between things that have ACTUALLY happened, things we REMEMBER, or things we DREAM. True fact *smile* What happens is that the divine picks up strong emotive responses and the things we thing the most about...and then delivers us some more of that!

You know what this means right? The stronger you think about something, the more focused you are on that something and the more love and emotion you pour into the thoughts....the faster the universe will respond. It doesn't matter if it is something we have COMPLETELY DREAMT UP! Just pour all of your love energy and focus, train your thoughts on what you will have be true, rather than what you don't's yours!

Cool huh? *laugh*

As an artist, my imagination is really fine tuned and practised at "conjuring". If that's not you, if you don't think your imagination is up to the task (which I don't believe about you, however it's what YOU believe that matters) then there are a heap of different ways to help your imagination grow and flourish.

You can put pictures of beautiful things around for you to view, you can get some finger paints and just have a great time with colour (who cares what it looks like?), you can lie on your back in the grass and find pictures in the clouds, pretend you come from another country and speak in an accent for the day (this is FUN), so many different things.

Grow your imagination, and watch your dreams and your life grow to match

With love and light

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