Thursday, 26 July 2012

Faery Land

One of my year 12, male students once asked me (as a part of a conversation) "Are faeries real!" He was incredulous, but behind those words there was hope, and a little excitement too. I answered the way I have always answered that question and always will, "Of course they are!" Such is the conviction in my voice, the look in my eyes and my body language that for a moment, just a moment, I saw belief bloom in his eyes...and then it was gone, dormant perhaps, but for the moment gone.

Have you every wondered where the saying, "off with the faeries," or "away in faery land" came from? People usually say this when someone else is in a bit of a waking trance like state; they are there and awake, but have zoned out for a moment or two. 

This is the moment when we go home, when we return to our common source, when we are taken away, so to speak, and get to spend a moment or two combined with the faeries, the angels, the divine *smile*

I have quite a number of these moments *laugh* it is one of my defence mechanisms for when the world around me becomes too aggressive, hurtful or ego based. I am instantly protected by my team and I drift off into faery's nice there *laugh*

Faery land is a place of joy and laughter, of relaxation and serenity, of clear thinking and distance, of positive energy and love, of creativity and adventure. I always "wake up" from one of these moments feeling happy, with one of those "secret" smiles on my face, feeling love and positivity.

So, "of course, faeries exist." Where else would I go?

With love and light

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