Friday, 27 July 2012

Follow your "gut"

I'm sitting at the computer tonight with absolutely no idea of what it is I want to say *smile* I do this a lot, but today, I felt like telling you that *laugh* You see this is generally how it happens; I sit down, sometimes I know before hand the concept or thought I wish to express, other times, like today, I don't have a clue. Then, I start typing, I just type the first thing that comes into my mind with no thought to grammar or punctuation or spelling (that obvious huh?) and I let the words flow out of me as they will. This process is automatic writing and so many times in the past I have been given so many signs and messages from this very process.

All I do, all I have EVER done, is to follow my instinct, to let the words flow from me, let decisions happen and to let the world be by following my gut, by listening to those impulses and urges and letting them be my guide through life. Since starting this path, I have not looked back. Life all of a sudden became easier, decisions less difficult, money worries a thing of the past, and dreams have begun coming true. 

This is it, this is THE great secret...follow your gut instinct.

I know it sounds simple, I know it sounds too good to be true, I know there are those of you reading this who will be SO sceptical of the truth in this statement....never-the-less, it is true all the same.

TRUST yourself, TRUST your divine team and follow the impulses of you heart and your gut instinct.

With love and light

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